We use open-source materials to create interactive statistics investigations for middle school students.

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  • How IMSI Works

    How IMSI Works In this intro video you will meet your IMSI hosts, Hedge and Joel, and hear how we’ll be creating both teacher-facing resources (this website and YouTube videos) as well as student-facing resources (CODAP files and handouts).

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  • Why IMSI?

    Ever heard or read a statistic that made you think, “Wait – that can’t be right, can it?” You can’t quite figure out why, but your gut tells you that something feels off.   If you use any type of social media or read/watch the news, you’ll agree that we are inundated with statistics and data…

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  • Welcome to IMSI!

    Welcome to IMSI! Thanks for visiting IMSI! IMSI stands for Interactive Middle Statistics Investigations, and we’re here to help increase the effectiveness of your Middle School data analysis, statistics, and probability lessons.  We’ll start with lessons designed in the most popular open-source curriculum available (Open Up Resources, which in turn serves as the basis for…

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