6th Grade

Interactive Middle Statistics Investigations

Adapted from Open Up Resources/Illustrative Math 6th Grade Curriculum, here are a number of 6th grade interactive statistics investigations.

6th 8.4.3

“Homework Time”

Some 6th graders report on their weekly time spent on Homework. What’s a typical time spent on Homework? How spread out is the data? How will some additions to the classroom affect that data?

See our IMSI investigation in CODAP, and see the student-facing Google Doc or PDF handout.

The CODAP bit.ly for easier sharing is: bit.ly/HomeworkTimeIMSI

See this lesson’s resources and examples from Open Up Resources, Illustrative, and Desmos.

6th 8.3.4

“Favorite Summer Sport”

Coming soon.

6th 8.4

“Pizza Toppings”

Coming Soon.

6th 8.3.3

“Been There, Done That”

Coming soon.


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