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Interactive Middle Statistics Investigations

Here are some other middle school investigations designed to create skeptical statisticians. Keep scrolling for other resources and websites.


“Nurse Death”

When Kristen Gilbert worked at the V.A. in Northampton, MA., a whole bunch of patients met an untimely end during her shifts. Was she unlucky, or was there something sinister going on?

Adapted for the classroom by Hedge and friend-of-IMSI Shelli T. , as mentioned in Keith Devlin’s book The Numbers behind NUMB3RS

Click here for Nurse Death Resources, created by Hedge and Shelli.

Click here for the Nurse Death CODAP simulation, created by Joel.

“Eric Reid”

When Eric Reid received his 7th request for a drug test in 11 weeks, he suspected something fishy was going on. Can we use a statistics investigation to determine whether everything was on the up-and-up?

Adapted by Hedge and Joel for the classroom.

Click here to see a Desmos activity walking students through the Eric Reid investigation, created by Joel.

Click here to see the CODAP simulation of Eric Reid’s season.

Birth Rates”

Can selected birth rates of random counties in North Carolina from the year 2004 teach us anything about variability?

Based on an activity originally created by Dr. Ryan Seth Jones, originally implemented in the classroom by Joel.

Click here to read Giving Birth to Inferential Reasoning from NCTM’s Mathematics Teacher publication, Volume 113, Issue 4. By Dr. Ryan Seth Jones, Zhigang Jia, and Joel Bezaire.

Click here to see the original documentation, handouts, etc.

Click here to open a CODAP model for the investigation.

Click here to watch a video of the lesson implementation in a middle school classroom.

“NBA Body Types”

What do scouts measure at the NBA Combine? Why are they looking for attributes like “Wingspan”? What other attributes might be useful to measure?

Click here to see the Desmos activity, created by Joel

Click here to see NBA Combine Data on the NBA website

Click here to see the referenced Google Sheet with Combine Data

Click here to read the referenced article about Kawhi Leonard

The Night The Rockets Went Cold”

In the 2018 NBA Western Conference Finals, the Houston Rockets missed 27 3-pointer in a row. Given their prolific shooting all season long, how likely was this drought? What other factors should we take into account?

Click here to see the Desmos activity for this investigation, created by Joel.

Click here for a paper version of this activity.

Data Sets and Other Cool Stats Stuff

Stats Curriculum and Supplements:

Slow Reveal Graphs

Skew The Script

The Stats Medic

Bootstrap Data Science


Modeling Tools:




Data Sets:

DASL – Data and Story Library

Dept. of Education Civil Rights Data Set


Amy Hogan – huge collection from her blog

Found Data from David Petro

NYC Open Data, Toronto Open Data, Ottawa Open Data, *search a city near you!*




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